Our Services

Consultancy Services

The companies to be established in PortISBI Famagusta Free Port and Zone are provided with comprehensive consultancy services for getting licence to start their business in PortISBI.

Customs Brokerage Consultancy

PortISBI offers customs brokerage consultancy to help the companies deal with customs transactions in a hassle-free way.

Stock Management Services

PortISBI users are provided with services for inventory reporting and stock management.

Sea Transportation Services

PortISBI offers inbound and outbound sea transportation services.

Local Transportation and Distribution Services

Transportation and distribution services within North Cyprus are offered in PortISBI.

Warehousing and Transit Warehousing Services 

PortISBI offers warehousing and transit warehousing facilities both to the companies established in PortISBI and to the ones that are not established in PortISBI.

Post Services and Loading, Unloading Services

Companies are provided with loading, unloading services and port facilities, such as shipping and unshipping.

Security Services

Security measures at PortISBI Famagusta Free Port & Zone include 24 hour 7 days a week security, on-site customs and border protection offices, controlled truck access  to loading areas.

Insurance Services

All commercial goods and equipment in the buildings, offices and private and general warehouses are insured against fire, theft, terror and natural disasters (such as earthquake, flood etc.).

Other Services

PortISBI Famagusta Free Port and Zone offers

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