Our Products

PortISBI Famagusta Free Port and Zone offers a full range of tailor-made facilities for lease, with ready infrastructure and cost-effective expenses, in order to meet the specific needs of all activities in PortISBI.

General Warehouse

PortISBI offers general warehouse facilities, that is, shared warehouse spaces.  Companies can choose to use general warehouse instead of having their own private warehouse, or companies having their own private warehouse can use general warehouse when they need extra storage area.  Companies established in PortISBI and companies which are not established in PortISBI can use general warehouses.  Open general warehouses are also available.

Private Warehouse

PortISBI offers a wide range of private warehouse spaces both for companies established in PortISBI and for those which are not established in PortISBI.  Open warehouses are also available.


Offices are available for companies which start their business in PortISBI.

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