Incentives and Advantages

100% VAT and Customs Duties Exemptions

Companies established at free zone are exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT), customs duties and all other indirect taxes.

100% Corporate Tax or Income Tax Exemption

All companies established at PortISBI are 100% exempt from "Corporate Tax" or "Income Tax" without any pre-requisition.

No Specific Time Period For Exemptions and Advantages

PortISBI users enjoy the mentioned exemptions and advantages for an unlimited period of time.

Minimum Range of Banned Substances

PortISBI has minimum restriction regarding the banned substances.
(Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes are allowed unlike most free zones.)

Opportunity to Transfer Profits

The revenue and earnings from free port and zone activities can be freely transferred to any part of the world without any permission.

Equal Treatment

Regardless of their origin, all firms benefit from the incentives and advantages provided in free zones equally.


No Time Limitation For Stocking

It is possible to stock goods for an unlimited time within free zone.

No Currency Restriction

Every payment is made with convertible currencies in free zone.

Minimized Bureaucracy

During application and operation process, bureaucracy is minimized.

Competitive Infrastructure Standards

Infrastructure of PortISBI Famagusta Free Port & Zone is competitive with international standards.  The rents of offices and warehouses are lower than other countries.

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